Window Blinds for residences and offices

Outdoor Bamboo Blinds / Exterior Bamboo Blinds (Outdoor Rollup Blinds)

If you have an outdoor porch or patio area that gets direct sunlight, exterior bamboo blinds may be the perfect alternative to provide some needed shade.

Machine Cut Bamboo slats in Outdoor Bamboo Blind

For uniformity the bamboo is machine cut so it gives a similar size of slats both in flat and in round bamboo

Round Natural Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Burning & Chemical Bath treatment for termite proof

After cutting process next it is sent to chemical bath process and for burning process. The bamboo is set to burn at a pais rticular temperature for a while to make it termite proof. This also changes the colour of the bamboo little darker brown.

Weaving Process of Bamboo Blinds

The bamboo sticks are uniformly weaved using latest weaving machine with ppt nylon tread. PPT nylon tread can withstand any weather conditions.

Difference between Round Natural Bamboo blinds and Flat Natural Outdoor Blinds

Flat Natural

Flat Natural Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Round Natural

Round Natural Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

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