Artificial Grass and Field Turf for Indoor & Outdoor

Artificial Grass and Field Turf

artificial grass flooring

Artificial Grass for terrace

Finding the perfect low-maintenance artificial & synthetic grass option for your landscape can be a challenge. We provide a waterless, low-maintenance solution that will continue to be realistic, beautiful, and functional for years to come

artificial grass flooring

Artificial Grass for garden

Artificial grass is now being used in residential for indoor lawn and outdoor gardens. It is becoming common due to low maintenance. It can be used in apartment balcony. Terrace garden is one more option for using artificial grass.

artificial grass flooring

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Artificial Grass withstands heavy usage, that is the reason it's being used as sports flooring. The artificial turf is now commonly in schools, both in playgrounds and in children's play area. The purpose of using the artificial grass in children's play area is safety. The advantage using it in playgrounds such as tennis court, football court, gym is low maintenance.

artificial grass flooring

Artificial Grass for Home

The artificial grass is also very much suitable for holiday homes. It is a hard work for elders and for people who visit only on weekends to maintain lawn in guest house and holiday homes. As no water is required, there is no need to worry about the lawn even if you not visiting your guest house or farm house for a long period.

Utilizing the highest quality synthetic grass products available along with superior customer service and professionalism, we strive to ensure each and every customer’s satisfaction.

What is the life expectancy of Artificial Grass?

Our product comes with 5 years warranty. But the actual life expectancy can be more than 10 years mostly depends on the level of usage and other factors.

What happens to the rain water when it rains. when the water stay on top or will it drain?

Artificial grass has drainage holes in it. When it rains, the water passes through the drainage holes. We install the artificial grass in such a way that the water passes out to the drainage system

What kind of surface should be there to lay Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can be installed either on cemented surfaces like indoors, terrace, portico or on sand in outdoor gardens. please see the installation guide for more details about installation procedure

Can I allow pets to play on artificial grass

Pets like to play on Artificial grass. Dog urine is not problem as it passes through drainage holes. You can clean using water and it gets cleaned when it rains

artificial grass flooring
artificial grass flooring
Artificial Grass for Terrace artificial grass flooring
Artificial Grass for Shuttle Court artificial grass for shuttle court
Artificial Grass between Tiles

Artificial Grass can be used between the tiles gap. View this catalog in Youtube. Click here

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Specification Description
  • Home Landscapes
  • Roof Top Gardens
  • Apartment Balcony
  • Car Parking Area
  • Backyard
  • Play Area
  • Schools
  • Pile Content U.V. Resistance PE
    Mono filament &
    PE curly yarn
    Grass Colours 4 tone
    Yarn Count(Dtex) 10000
    Yarn Height(mm) 40(±2mm)
    Tufts/m² 16800density
    Machine gauge 3/8 inch
    Yarn Weight(kgs/m²) 1.2(+-5%)
    Holes / m² Optional 50
    Total Weight (kgs/m²) 2.6(+-5%)
    Primary Backing UV Resistant PP woven-clothes
    Secondary Backing UV Resistant (PP)
    Coating backing Latex+rubber Styrene-
    Roll Width(m) 2
    size(m) of grass roll 2*25
    Guarantee 5 Years
    artificial grass-25 mm Grass - 25 mm Pile Height
    artificial grass-35 mm Grass - 35 mm Pile Height
    artificial grass-50 mm Grass - 50 mm Pile Height

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