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Antistatic Vinyl Flooring

If static has built up on our body through walking on a floor, and you start handling delicate electronic components, the sudden discharge of current from your body can be enough to cause some very expensive damage. That's where anti-static flooring can help.

If you have an non anti static floor coverings you probably get a static charge every time you walk over them. That's not normally anything to worry about, but it can be a problem if you're working in an office with sensitive electronic or computing equipment.

The human body is a large attractor of static electricity. It's better to use anti static flooring in offices, factories and work places where sensitive electrical, Computer equipment, measuring equipment's are being used to control the generation, accumulation & dispersion of Static Charges. This also saves the need for everyone to wear anti static straps.

They look just like normal floor coverings, but they're made with a good proportion of electrically conducting carbon fibers dotted among the ordinary rubber This range of antistatic flooring comes in simple, tasteful colours with a thickness of 2 mm both in sheet form and tile form.

Specification Description
Thickness 2mm
Roll Width 1.5 mm and 2 mm
Roll Length upto 20 mtrs
Elastic Product Min 2 MJ/M²
Properties Antistatic/Conductive Flexible durable PVC Flooring helps to control the generation, accumulation and dissipation of static charges.
Antistatic is manufactured to meet all the performance requirements of the listed standards with properties of a high wear resistance and resilience.