Mosquito Nets & Insect Screens for doors and windows

Open-able Type Sleek Non-Magnetic Insect Screens - Stainless Steel Mesh

Sleek Non-Magnetic Insect Screens

Plastic parts of insect screen

We produce world class innovative Non-Magnetic Insect Screens and Mosquito net in fiberglass or stainless steel mesh. Our PNP Fiberglass Mosquito net makes your home free from flying insects. This range of product is an ideal choice to suit your budget. This mosquito net provides superior protection against all flying insects and mosquitoes.

To ensure zero hassles, our executives will visit your premises for measurements and provide a better solution for installation of mosquito nets.

This PNP Fiberglass Insect Screen can be installed in windows and doors either by Velcro model or with Doors & Windows.

Warranty for Window Type Insect Screen

Saint globain Fiberglass mesh or epoxy coated stainless steel mesh(ss304) comes with 12 months warranty.

Aluminium Frame with powder coating comes with 5 years warranty

All plastic parts of insect screen comes with 12 months warranty

Technical Specification for Window Type Insect Screen

Click here to download the technical specification of sleek model window type insect screens

Price for Window Type Insect Screen

Sleek Model - - Stainless Steel Mesh - Aluminium Frame - Rs.160/- per sq.ft

Colours available in Insect Screens

# White - suits for upvc windows as most of the upvc windows comes in white colour
# Ivory - suits your wall colour. The common wall colour is Ivory
# Honey Gold (Light Brown Colour). Selected by most of the clients. Will suit your wood colour in wooden frame window
# Coffee Brown (Dark Brown). Match this with your interiors

Fiberglass Insect Screens

Openable Sleek Insect Screens

Fiberglass Insect Screens

Bay Window Sleek Insect Screens

Locking system for Non Magnetic Insect Screen

Handles and Holders for Non Magnetic Insect Screen

Handles and Holders for Non Magnetic Insect Screen