Beanbag Refills for xl and xxl size of beanbags

Beanbag and Beanbag Refills


On using bean bags for a long time regularly, the bean or PVC pellets or expanded polystyrene inside the bean bag will get compressed and the sitting comfort will get reduced. These bean bags can be easily refilled using refill bags.

The refill bag is available at our store. We can refill the bean bag for you by bringing your bean bag to our store.

PRICE Rs. 390/ per pack


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FAQ 1. How many refill packs are required to fill a new bean bag?

Normally for xxl size, you need 3 packs to fill the bean bag.

2. How many refill packs are required to fill a old bean bag that we are currently using?

It's enough if you fill with 1 pack to refill

3. Is it possible to fill the beanbag by myself

Yes. But you need one more person to hold the bag while refilling. You have to turn the bean bag upside down, you can see a opening with welcro. Open it to refill

4. How frequently should i have to refill the bean bag

Bean Bag refilling is based on the level of usage. if you using it regularly, then may have to refill it within 2 years. Refilling can be done with 1 pack

5. What is the material used

It is 100% virgin polystyrene bean

Bean Bags

Bean Bag is a cushion type furniture made of leather fabric with bean filled inside. The bean bag normally comes in a treadrop shape. It is also available in cylinder, floor cushion and square chair cushion shapes. These are mostly used in residence.

You can feel the lush fabric quality and compare. These are designer sofas, made from premium materials, that are filled with cushioned poly beads for superior comfort. With a widest range of colours available, you are sure to find the best to suit your lifestyle.

Kids Bean Bag

Kids bean bag comes at nearly half the size of the large size bean bag. They come with beautiful designs like butterfly, spider man, and many more. Kids bean bags are also a good idea to gift some one for birthday party.

Bean Cushion

Bean cushion is an innovative idea to decorate your sofa. It's filled with beans and provides an excellent look for your furniture. These are available in various sizes to suit your requirement.
The above products are available at our Artful Home store in Fun Republic Mall and Lakshmi Plaza, Coimbatore.
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Beanbag Refills

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