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Sitting Hammocks and Sleeping Hammocks

Today, hammocks are popular very popular among the world for relaxing. It is simple, easy to maintain and best suited outdoor living.

Hammock is made of 100% cotton rope.

The cotton rope in the hammocks are netted with one or two colours. The rope are available in White, Red and Black. The ropes are netted either in full white, white and red, white and black

Sitting or Sleeping Hammocks

The Sleeping hammocks are suspended between two points. It is best suited for outdoor. These hammocks are basically suspended between trees.

Sitting Hammocks are suspended from top. This can be used both at outdoor in gardens and indoor in sit outs or balcony.

Hammock - Size & Shape

Sleeping Hammocks comes in two sizes. One person can sleep comfortably in the medium size sleeping hammock and two can rest and sleep in the large size sleeping hammcok.

All sitting hammocks come one single size. These hammocks are designed to withstand upto 120 kg. All hammocks comes with wooden spreader bars (3 wooden spreader bars in sitting and two in the sleeping model) for added comfort.

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Free Door Delivery

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Usage of Hammocks

Sitting Hammocks: Sitting hammocks are mostly used for residential purpose. These hammocks are best suited for both indoor area like balcony, veranta, parking area and terrace. It can also be used at home gardens and farm house.

Sleeping hammocks: Sleeping hammocks can be used for both residential as well as commercial activities. It is used in farm house, guest house, garden area for residential purpose. They are also used at beach resorts, hill station hotels and ayurvedic resorts.

Sitting Hammock White and Red

Sitting hammock Black and White
Sitting Hammock
Sleeping Hammock